BrowneyedWeasleyGirl (browneydweasley) wrote in ljdesigns,

LJ Designs

Hello!  I have a design request, please.

I would like a LJ layout in the form that looks like inell.  The two images for the headers I want to use are
and I would like the header to be more narrow in width.

Currently I do not have a paid account, but would be willing to get one for the features I'd like to have.

Particularly about inell's layout I like are the scrolling tags and the counter, as well as links to other sites.  I like the memory button for each entry.  I think I would like to keep the Mocchachino colors of my current layout, however, I am open to whatever looks nicest.  I am very open to suggestions and am OK with the images being resized/ retouched/etc. so that they look like they match.  I would also like to add creative script for comments/leave a comment/ friends entries and the like.  I am not sure how much detail I need to leave at this point.

Please let me know if this is do-able, and I will provide details for the layout script or any other info needed.

Thank you so much!

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