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Free LJ Designs

Icons, Banners, Layouts, etc...

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This is a community where you can request graphics and images such as banners, icons, backgrounds, etc. They are free and they are welcome here as long as you follow the rules, so make sure you read them before requesting something. This is not a community where you post things you have made, it is solely for requests.

01. Use an lj-cut for the whole request entry. If you do not know how to do that it is <*lj-cut>PUT STUFF HERE<*/lj-cut>. -Remove the *'s for it to work-
02. Crediting is mandatory. We will check crediting and if we find that you haven't credited, you will get 1 warning. The second time we find that you haven't credited, you will be banned. Go below to the 'Crediting' section for information on how to credit.
03. More than 1 person is allowed to take the icon if they see it and like it.
04. Your requests will be made in a short period of time and left in a comment in your request entry.
05. No direct linking. Upload all images and graphics to your own servers. Photobucket is a great image host.
06. We do not download fonts because we have over 300 of them already. To view the list, go here.
07. If you do not need your request anymore, please delete the whole post.
08. Title the subject "LJ Design" so we know you have read the rules.
Be aware that we will probably be adding more rules as time goes by so keep checking for them so you don't get punished for not following a rule you haven't seen.

Crediting is mandatory. There are different ways to credit different things.
To credit icons: When you upload you user picture, there is a 'Keywords' box. There type in the username of whoever made that icon.
To credit banners: Copy and paste everything in the following box into your userinfo or below the banner.
To credit backgrounds: Copy and paste everything in the following box into your userinfo.
This is mandatory and you must do it this way.